The Age of Reason vs. The Cherokee Nation

When the, so-called, Age of Reason began 500-ish years ago, its purpose was righteous enough.

After hundreds of years of capricious rule by the “divine right” kings of Europe, coupled with flagrant abuses of power by the Catholic church, the Western world was ready for a movement away from “superstition” and all the trappings that came with it.

Rational thought and logic were trumpeted as the path to salvation.  The early writers and supporters of reason (Descarte, Bacon, Voltaire, etc.) believed that, since man was endowed with reason, he should do and think on only reasonable things.  By the 1700’s the idea had caught on and the world changed forever.  It did not take long, however, for the “path to salvation” to become the “road to ruin”.

One of our human tendencies is to pare things down to their most essential element(s) in an attempt to be more “efficient”.  The practitioners of the new rational thought were no different.  For reason to work humanely, it must be tempered with compassion, common sense and morality.  Unfortunately, it was quickly discovered that reason could be used by itself.  Without the buffering effects of common sense and morality, reason lost its’ moorings, its’ reference points, and became simply whatever was reasonable to whomsoever was currently at the helm of a government, organization or situation.

Without tempering, in fact, reason becomes a tool for control.  Ideas that are deemed “inconvenient” by a governing body or individual can be labeled “unreasonable” or “unscientific” or even “ungodly”.  By this approach, those wishing to manipulate can control language and, by so doing, re-direct the thoughts of others.

If you look around today you will see many examples of this control.  Government is the biggest abuser of the method.  However, business, medicine, science, education, even religion, all tell you that there is one right answer to whatever the problem is and that answer always contributes to their agenda.  If you are having trouble, an “expert” will be provided.  At the same time, you will be made to feel that your wisdom/expertise is questionable.  Unfortunately, these “experts” are really only paid guides.  Their purpose is to keep everyone on the path the controllers/governors have set.  Therefore, the information the “experts” disseminate is, frequently, not really helpful to you.

After a time, it becomes difficult to know what to believe or whom to trust.  Most people continue throughout the rest of their lives, cobbling together enough real truth to get by until they leave this earthly plane.  Some, of course, do not.  They are the ones who lose all hope and you hear about them and their violent end on the evening news.

Enter the United Cherokee Nation.  We have a unique opportunity, even responsibility, to affect change in the entire world.  This is not bombast.  The people of the U.S. (and everywhere else) are realizing that something is wrong with their world, they just don’t know what the problem is, exactly.  Since the UCN, properly constituted, will be outside of the reason structures that hold most Americans hostage, and since we will be beyond the reach of the corrupt and ineffective American jurisprudence system, we can do things that most Americans can’t do.  Things like medical breakthroughs, banking reforms, the disposition of children, land issues and many more can all be “righted” through the United Cherokee Nation  U.S. citizens, then, can see how the various systems have been deformed over the years and, hopefully, have some idea about how to get those systems back to where they should be.  If America can get itself back on course, perhaps the rest of the world can too.

This, then, is the goal:  The United Cherokee Nation MUST be established and must be established in power, authority and confidence.  Something or someone must arise to give hope back to a world that is, currently, circling the drain.  The United Cherokee Nation is that one.