The History of the United Cherokee Nation of Indians~Aniyvwiya

Daei Grandor Chief Elder, David Joseph Jackson

Daei Grandor Chief Elder

In 2005, an attorney/missionary/entrepreneur named David Jackson received, what he believed to be, a Divine Commission to “help the Cherokee”.  Typical to his straight forward approach, he immediately began dealings with the Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri.  Finding insufficient common ground among the Western Cherokee, he began a new group, known only as the 11th tribe.

David’s visits with the various Cherokee groups around the country revealed to him glaring difficulties with their individual tribal organizations.  It was at that point that he and a few others with him created the Tribal entity that became the United Cherokee Nation of Indians-Aniyvwiya.  The name was chosen to indicate our different approach to Native government while still showing our connection to our Tribal roots.

The “different approach” was chosen because conventional interpretations of the relationship between the United States government and the Cherokee at large are completely unsatisfactory.  Facilitating a change requires moving into non-traditional arenas in order to effect a new interpretation.

As this “new interpretation” unfolds, we extend our hand to our brother and sister Cherokee and, indeed, to all groups of First People.  In time, we may even be able to help, not just the Cherokee, but the entire world.  This is not considered by us to be bombast but a heartfelt prayer.


In Loving Memory of Daei Grandor (David Jackson), First Elder of the United Cherokee Nation of Indians – Aniyvwiya

David Jackson Life

In Loving Memory of Daei Grandor (David Jackson), First Elder of the United Cherokee Nation of Indians – Aniyvwiya.

A great and respected man passed into the Great Spirit today, Jan. 24, 2014 @ 1:11pm. He will be missed by all he has helped during his life and all that he would have aided in his fight for justice, equality and his vision for a better world!

He had many grand visions for the future for all and will be missed tremendously by everyone. Guided by Spirit, he leaves a legacy of greatness.  To fathom his depth was daunting at the least and unimaginable to most.

The people of this planet have lost a true teacher and supporter of compassion and forthrightness! Thank you David for all that you have accomplished and for all of those you have quided and helped. The Great Spirit has a new Grand member…a Great Man…A TRUE GRAND MASTER!

Daei Grandor has returned home.