New Clan Designations

7 New Clans

Purple – Bird – Spirituality/Faith

Purple represents higher power or creator and the bird symbolizes flight to the creator. Birds were originally thought to be messengers from the Heavens since they appeared to come “from above”.

Blue – Ash – Education

Blue is a primary color and represents a foundation. No nation can exist long without the foundation of education. Ash represents perhaps chalk or writing. One of the original ways of communication was taking a burnt stick and marking on rocks or human skin.

Brown – Deer – Business

Brown represents the grounding of ideas on the firm foundation of Mother Earth and the deer, also known as the Hart, has long been a symbol of strength, stamina, skill, courage and integrity. Businesses that choose to be “Cherokee” must demonstrate those characteristics.

White – Paint – Medicine/Alternative Health Care

White represents purity of mind and body, free from disease and contamination. As paint is applied to a body or thing to be useful, so the principles of healing and health must be applied for them to be useful.

Yellow – Twister/Longhair – Security/Defense/Military

Yellow represents the brighness of the United Cherokee Nation of Indians day; clouds of doubt or suppression being noticeably absent. Traditionally, the Longhairs were peacemakers. A dedicated defense force helps to keep the peace.

Green – Wild Potato – Environment/Air, Food, Water/Agriculture

Green represents plants and growth; the well being of the United Cherokee Nation of Indians in particular and the Earth in general. The wild potato represents nourishment and sustainability to thrive in life.

Red – Wolf – Law/Justice

Red represents fire and passion for what is right, especially where the United Cherokee Nation of Indians is concerned. The wolf proudly, ferociously, stands its ground both offensively and defensively.